Course Pricing is per person and based on attendance

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Once confirmed, a $25.  non-refundable deposit (per person) may be required to reserve the date.

PISTOL BASICS   $150. per person 

$100. for class time.  $50. for outdoor range time. 
Student packet, Targets, Guns & ammo may be provided!
This course is appropriate for ages 10 and up.

McD Firearms

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Register online at:

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​​​Winchester MARKSMANSHIP           Private course for 1-2

$30. the first hour.  $20. per additional hour attached to the first hour.

Customized, private course.  Ammo and awards for an additional cost.

This course is customized to meet the students needs and may include one or a variety of the following:

  1. Review of shooting fundamentals and skill building.
  2. Winchester Marksmanship Program  (Progressive skill building)
  3. Shooting drill practice for PPITH 
  4. Student's customized request.

Host a   RefuseTo Be  A Victim Seminar

May be held at your home, business or church!

Call for details!