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" Debbie's Basic Pistol Class was fantastic.  Being fairly new to firearms I feel the NRA based curriculum provides a wonderful foundation.  Debbie's instruction was organized, easy to understand and presented in a comfortable, interactive setting.  Her enthusiasm for empowering women is refreshing.  Would highly recommend!"


   " I had never experienced handguns or rifles.  I was very frightened of them and my husband did not understand the physical differences and patience needed to teach me the basics of handgun training.  He started me out with handguns that were too powerful and hurt me when I fired them.

    A friend referred me to Debbie.  I signed up for her class.  Debbie teaches with detailed classroom instructions with an emphasis on safety first and foremost.  Her demeanor is patient and calm, allowing me the student, to relax and fully take in and understand the fundamentals, fit and fun of firearms.

    I was so impressed with Debbie's knowledge and skills that I also put my grandaughter through her handgun course, which she excelled in.  My grandaughter had no prior experience with shooting handguns and is now capable and comfortable using them.  She thoroughly enjoyed the class.

    My husband & I highly recommend anyone who is a beginner, novice or fearful of firearms, take this course.  It is life changing and life empowering.  It can also lead to new friendships as well.  You can take this as far as you like with advance classes."

Jeri Dunne

Eagle, Idaho

"Debbie was a fantastic instructor.  She was very detail oriented and very patient to answer questions until I completely understood!!"

Thank you so much.  I finally feel like being around guns is something I can handle and thus trive at!

"It was most beneficial to learn the safety rules and techniques.  Instructor presented information clearly and concisely."

"Private- no pressure class- comfortable setting  Class was informative & comprehensive.  Instructor offered contact information for future help or questions.   Thank you."


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